Linux and Windows both are operating systems which differ in their functionality and user friendliness.

Linux is developed by Open Source development i.e. through sharing and collaboration of code and features, through forums and it is freely distributed through magazines, books and can be downloaded freely. It enables complete access to the source code where user has the right to access complete source code and to alter it as per its requirements.

Windows is developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft. It is under the proprietary Licence and has closed source code which is not known by anyone except the member of elite group of Microsoft. It code is not available to the users.

Advantages of using LINUX

  • Cost :- Linux is free of cost; it is freely distributed through magazines, books and can be downloaded freely whereas Windows is expensive. Its pricing is decided by the proprietor Microsoft.
  • Licensing :- Linux is an operating system which is available free. We can modify that software .We can also download a single copy of a Linux and install it on as many machines as we likes. But with the Microsoft license, we can do none of the above. We are bound to the number of licenses we purchase, so if we have purchase 10 licenses, we can legally install that operating system on only 10 machines.
  • Viruses/Malware attack :- Linux is less prone to viruses or malware attack because of its file system while Windows OS is highly prone to it. Windows required timely updated antivirus to sustain its working which add extra cost to its maintenance.
  • Security and Stability :- Linux can work for years without any failure which make it highly stable and more preferred operating system choice for server. It is also more secure as only the administrator or root user has administrative privileges, and other users have limited access. Second most important thing is that it has open source code which can be read by any programmer. It is easy to find out what data has gone in or out from the system.This keep system connected and protected.

    Windows get obsolete with the arrival of new operating system. Since XP, Microsoft has released several major replacement versions: Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, 8.1 (recently upgraded to Windows 10). With the arrival of new operating system Microsoft stops giving it support to old version. So if we decided to continue work on the old OS, Microsoft won’t help us anymore, no more security updates, no more support. It means we are using at our own risk after supports ends, which make it highly unstable. Secondly as it has closed source code. We cannot trace at all which information has leaked out of the system. This makes the system vague which is threat to security.
  • Working speed :- Unlike Window, Linux is less prone to virus or malware attack which is reason of poor working speed or low performance efficiency. Therefore LINUX work more efficiently and at a faster speed. It can run at his best even at the old dump & outdated computers, adding new lives to them.

Despite of so many advantages, LINUX is not as popular as WINDOWS OS

  • Ease of use:- Linux operating system is not as easy to use as Windows. It required sound technical knowledge about its functioning and become very challenging to first time user. It is mostly used as the operating system for SERVERS. Window on the other hand is user friendly. Microsoft has been designing windows from early 90’S since then we are familiar with it functioning. Though it comes with the new version after some times but the basic functionality does not change, it is just about to learn more or experience something new. It is commonly found on home, workplace and school computers.
  • Non- compatible to WINDOWS Programs :- Window application not runs on LINUX OS. Though Linux developers have done a great job at creating alternatives to popular Windows applications, there are still some applications that exist on Windows that have no equivalent Linux application.
  • Unawareness: - People do not have much awareness of Linux OS. Linux does not have the luxury of being the most widely-used operating system in the world. As such, new users have to re-learn how to perform simple tasks on an unfamiliar and often complicated system, which can be off putting for the casual consumer. Microsoft has been producing its system software for nearly 30 years. For people, Operating system means WINDOWS OS .It is commonly found at homes, offices and schools systems.
Given their different strengths and utility, it’s difficult to definitively state whether Linux or Windows is the better OS. Whether or not each one will be a good fit for your business depends a lot on how your company operates, and what applications it uses. LINUX definitely has an edge over WINDOWS but its utility entirely lies on the user choice and needs.