Dummy Project vs Live Project


Dummy project is a project/application which utilizes our skills and enables us to experiment on a virtual plan. In a real-time scenario, this setting is of a little help. There are no guidelines and routines followed. Team members are free to work at their own comfort and pace. The design and features of the project can change randomly. No emphasis is laid on testing the outcomes. Because learning in such a scenario is not systematic and lacks key motives of productivity, students hardly gain the benefits of training.


Live projects are a facility to get to work on the techniques being used, or will be used in real world. Working on a live project is a challenging job as the team members are not free to do the things as they like. They have to follow the guidelines given by the client or the project leader or the manager. With the advent of growing competition and low budgets, the owner of the project i.e., the client can ask any number of changes; at any point of time of the development. To mitigate such changing requirements and targets, live projects run on: agile methodology; a well-bound team under a good leadership; and informed and highly skilled developers. Accountability is the key and it is expected that all the team members foster the best attitude at work.

For the end user to utilize the project/product, the deliverables should be 100% error free. Therefore testing at each level is very important and cannot be skipped.

    While working on live project, we learn:
  • to work on deadlines
  • to survive work pressures
  • to test actual results
  • to face and resolve real-time issues to work efficiently
  • to handle important data